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Custom Metaverse spaces built for musicians, artists, gallery owners and creative entrepreneurs. Let's build digital events, exhibitions and/or performances your audience will love.

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Meet  the  Team

Our mission is to help usher in the next era of the internet by developing the infrastructure and applications needed to make virtual worlds mainstream.
With over a decade of experience in web development, VoxBox is well-positioned to be a leader in this new frontier.
VoxBox is a Web3 Metaverse Development company. We consult and build for other brands wanting to enter into the Metaverse.

Al Ware cofounder voxbox business devlopment
Al Ware
Chief executive officer & Co-Founder

Experienced leader with a proven ability to lead multicultural teams in achieving goals and objectives. With 10+ years of military experience, his expanding skillsets enable him to manage large-scale projects.

His mission is to help usher in the next era of the internet by developing the infrastructure and applications needed to make virtual worlds mainstream.

Daniel voxbox architect
Daniel D.

Visionary Registered Architect on a mission to enhance the human experience in the Metaverse and in IRL - redefining Architectural  norms.

His passion for Architecture and other design disciplines began during  his undergraduate studies, where he explored how digital  tools can be used to create immersive and interactive experiences. He finds pure joy in researching and utilizing technology to improve human interactions and experiences.

Rhyan Voxbox product engineer
RHyan Vargas

A visonary tech entrepreneur with 10+ years consulting and building tech solutions for Fortune 500 brands and entrepreneurs.

He thrives in helping turn their ideas into reality - creating actionable strategy into execution. He's passionate about working with like-minded people who finds importance in big-picture and todo lists. You may find him with a guitar in front of a whiteboard with his friends.

Rhyan Voxbox product engineer
emerson argueta
Lead Software Architect

A talented software engineer with over 10 years of experience building full-stack applications for EdTech and industrial tech companies.

He's extremely passionate about building projects with positive impact on society and working with new technology. His software architecture skills enables any idea to be executed at scale.
An early riser, you can expect him running his morning route, getting business done before sunrise.

Rhyan Voxbox product engineer
John Mullinix
Chief Marketing Officer

An expert marketer and consultant with 10+ years of leading marketing, advertising & user experience teams to exceed goals and expectations.

Published in Adweek, John is known for his strong data driven approach and ability to scale companies across various industries. His mission is to provide consultation, inspiration and service to help businesses and clients grow. He enjoys seeing businesses get their product and services out to the people that need them to make the world a better place.


Design process

Everything we build is catered to your vision and specific needs. No cookie cutter solutions here.


metaverse development

Are you looking for a place to perform, showcase your art , or a cool area of your own in the metaverse? Each design starts with your vision and idea. Those designs translate into distinct 3D structures that  pushes the boundaries of your imagination. Your fans or customers will be blown away in your new space!

competitor analysis
Market Research

Digital Wearables

How cool would it be to have your own custom wearables to show off in the metaverse? Say no more. We will create something with you that will turn heads.

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Market Research

web3 consultation

Have an awesome idea but not sure where to start or how to organize your roadmap? No problem. Our team is passionate and knowledgeable to help you get your project started in the web3 space.

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Market Research

Need Something else?

If your idea is an NFT collection, web3 application - our trusted partners can help you. We build strong and valuable relationships within the web3 creator community that are looking to help you achieve your goals. Let's build!

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