SOK Concert Arena

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SOK Concert Arena

The Vision

What did the client want?
SOK Concert Arena

Illmind, a two-time Grammy award-winning producer with a passion for music, set out to revolutionize the industry with the creation of Squad of Knights. With the belief that the Metaverse has the potential to bring together a diverse community of musicians and producers, he founded Squad of Knights, a dynamic Web3 community. The community provides aspiring musicians and producers with a platform to showcase their talents and progress their careers in the world of Web3 Music. The heart of Squad of Knights is a series of concert arenas designed to provide a live and interactive experience for both performers and audiences. Through Illmind's commitment to music and the Metaverse, Squad of Knights has become a thriving hub for talented musicians and producers to come together, express themselves, and be supported by an engaged audience.

Our Process

How did we deliver the solution?

We craft a fully-immersive concert solution, equipped to tackle any virtual venue within the Metaverse. Our state-of-the-art concert hall was designed to empower musicians and producers within the Squad of Knights community to elevate their careers in the music industry and bring their creative visions to life.


What was the final product?

State-of-the-art concert venues that offer a dynamic and immersive experience for both artists and patrons alike, fostering an atmosphere of energetic exchange and engagement.

SOK Wall of Fame
Entrance to SOK Concert Arena
SOK Lounge

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