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Stretch Gallery

The Vision

What did the client want?
Stretch Gallery

At Stretch Gallery, a premier art gallery located in Miami, are dedicated to showcasing a diverse array of both traditional and digital art. They are at the forefront of the intersection between art and technology and firmly believe that the future of the art world lies in the seamless integration of the physical and digital realms. Their Metaverse Art Gallery proudly presents a dynamic collection of fine arts, movie entertainment, and works by both traditional and NFT artists. Join them as they explore the limitless potential of the art world in the digital age.

Our Process

How did we deliver the solution?

We proposed an exhilarating two-tiered experience: on the first level, we showcase a collection of world-renowned artists and their masterpieces, mirroring the essence of their brick-and-mortar gallery. Meanwhile, the second floor serves as a versatile space for live events, social gatherings, and exclusive activations. Furthermore, we have presented a scalable framework that accommodates future upgrades and expansion, ensuring growth and continued success.


What was the final product?

The Metaverse Art Gallery we created for Stretch Gallery presents a curated selection of fine arts, movie entertainment, and works by both traditional and NFT artists. By embracing the cutting-edge technology of both Web2 and Web3.

Stretch Gallery Mall of the Future
View from within Stretch Gallery Store
Stretch Gallery prepping for Art Basel Miami 2023

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